Aerial Hoop in a Skate Park

The GVRD (Greater Victoria Regional District) is beautiful. Full of fresh flowers, stunning skies, breathtaking beaches and fascinating forests. The urban beauty is no less amazing and immense.

Having experienced so much of it, you can imagine my joy and surprise upon discovering a skate park hidden in an area that I’ve been commuting through for the better part of 10 years. I won’t go into location details as it is not a city installation, but it’s amazing none the less. Under a bridge, beside the ocean, layered with industrial piping and covered in graffiti. My friend Misty and I were awestruck when we found it.

We had been hunting around for a place near water to let her hang her aerial hoop. Aerial hoop, also known as Lyra, is a gymnastic skill involving a steel hoop, most closely socially associated with circus acrobatics.

So when our initial plan of shooting with her and 2 others in the forest doing hoop work got rained out, we hopped in her car, threw on some tunes and went location scouting. Immediately upon finding this place she called her friends, Devaya and Kin, and set about setting up her hoop! It was just spontaneous and amazing. I look forward to many more adventures!


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