Melanie & James’ Wedding at The Roxy

Though weddings aren’t my usual project, Melanie was quite persuasive. I find the anxiety of a set shot list plus a time crunch a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to describe, as I frequently have shot lists for creative projects, but missing a shot isn’t so dire.

But after the success of our other projects together, she became a cheerleader for me. She gave me full reign to do as I pleased. She wanted me there; wanted me to do this.  I love her for it. Being uncomfortable is good. It means that you are being challenged. I learned a LOT during this whole process and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

The arrangement we came to where I was ultimately comfortable is event-style coverage of the ceremony followed by a photobooth, and we accomplished just that. Everything went swimmingly and even though these images don’t look like your usual wedding, this was NOT a usual wedding and it really captures the tone of the night.

The theme of the night was cinema glam with a hollywood flare, complete with Hollywood Reporter. Guests were encouraged to dress in their best red carpet attire, or dress as their favourite star or character. This was very much an “after supper” wedding party. The Concession was open to purchase movie favourites and alcoholic beverages. Cookies were the favour of choice and attendees could also select donuts and coffee at no charge. While waiting for the happy couple to arrive we were able to watch trailers of Melanie and James’ favourite movies on the big screen while mingling with our “co-stars”.

Congratulations Melanie and James. I’m so glad your life has come around in this enormous circle. If it had gone any other way then it did, you wouldn’t have ended up here together at the right time, with these people that love you. It’s beautiful. It’s Kismet.

I can’t wait for the next project together <3

That’s a wrap.


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