MKM Photography
Who I am and What I do

About me

Image by Lori Tarasoff

My name is Mary.
I am MKM Photography

With a camera in my hands for over 20 years, I consider myself a chaser of light.

I strive to create safe, consent-based environments for all my clients. I consider myself queer, a person of size, body positive, and SW safe. Sex work is real work.

If the word “woke” is in your vernacular as a negative idea, I am not the right photographer for you. I recognize the systemic nature of racism, homophobia and patriarchal ideas in our government and it’s various branches, such as law enforcement, education and medicine. I believe as an intersectional-feminist that it is our job to stand against those who would silence minorities. I lead with empathy.

I don't make magic,
I know how to capture it.

While photography can get lost in the acts of business and marketing, taking photographs is the knowledge of how to capture light, and a photographer uses this skill to tell a story.

When you hire MKM Photography, you can trust in our ability to coax photos out of any environment. Whether that means consulting to create the best conditions ahead of time, or going outdoors to use the biggest lightbulb of them all (the sun) to create your images, I’ll be bringing my A-Game to your shoot.

Some of those skills include:


I will be with you every step of the way, consulting on the type of space, visiting the venue ahead of time if required, and working with your lighting techs or adding my own lighting if needed. If you are looking to convey a brand or an idea with your images, I will work with you to ensure that the photos we are taking will help propel that narrative forward. I am happy to answer every question you have, though there shouldn't be many, as I strive to anticipate every need.


Through clear communication you will know what is going on, or if I have run into any issues. I will never leave you in the lurch: if I have to cancel for any reason I will either have a photographer already waiting to take over, or work with you to find one who can provide the same level of service. If it is a session that can be re-scheduled, I will work with you to find a date that works for us both.

Industry Knowlege

I have worked in challenging and varied environments both solo and with other industry members. I can work as a part of a team, or lead it. This well rounded experience allows me to take both a macro and a micro look at what's happening and make choices in the best interest of any project to ensure my own high standards of delivery are met.


Your safety, the safety of your guests or performers, and my own safety is of utmost importance. From training in consent, to how to manage a potentially dangerous scenario, I have spent time educating myself on how to manage people, expectations, and emotions. This skill can be crucial in environments where unpredictable factors such as alcohol and feelings may run high.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

Being comfortable with both natural and artificial lighting means I can recommend ideal conditions to produce the image you want. If changing the light isn’t possible even with the best gear, I can make recommendations for how to achieve what you need.

Professional skills

No project is too big or to small! I thrive on variety. With many years experience in customer service, both on the front lines and in management, I have the professionalism you need to handle any scenario. I am happy to work independently or liaise with a team, comfortable in both a follower or a lead position. 


In order to be able to succeed in a wide variety of environments, knowing what gear to use and having it available is critical. From lighting to lenses, MKM Photography either has it on hand, or knows where to get what you need to succeed.

Organizations we've worked with include:

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