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MKM Photography can help you identify the best shooting environment for the type of photo you’d like. Shooting indoor or outdoor, in controlled and uncontrolled environments, can bring different results. Both have their benefits and challenges and the choice between environments really depends on what kind of result you’d like to see.

Indoor spaces offer perfect privacy for drawing out your spicy self! We will work together within the space to highlight your inner beauty, strength and vulnerability.

Shooting indoors offers control over the weather, allowing us to plan for a specific date and time, a specific room feel, easy access to spaces and facilities, and away from prying eyes. Using indoor spaces are a natural option for people who have never shot before, who have some hesitations about the experience, or have physical limitations or requirements. 

Easily Accessible
Quick and easy access to facilities. Mention any limitations you have during your consult!
Controlled Lighting
Being indoors prevents mother nature from interfering with the results of your shoot.
Away from prying eyes, no one will accidentally interrupt this session style.
Reliable Scheduling
Booking indoor spaces allow us to control the date and time, no matter the weather outside!

Using outdoor environments to claim your space leads to incredible photos every time. There is a freedom and quiet confidence from being vulnerable away in nature, and it shows.

Challenges to shooting outdoors include walking into secluded areas, off the beaten track, working at the mercy of mother nature, and privacy. While running into the occasional hiker or passer-by is an inherent risk, it doesn’t happen often, and taking the chance to exhibit yourself unashamed results in breathtaking art; images fit for a gallery or museum.

Weather Dependant
We may need to be flexible with time and date in order to catch the weather we need.
Risk of Being Seen
While we do everything we can to choose times and locations that will allow us to avoid crowds, shooting outdoors has the risk of coming across others.
Challenging Terrain
Getting to gorgeous locations often requires some physical exertion over challenging terrain. We will never ask you to do or go anywhere we ourselves would not be willing to.
Stunning Results
Using Mother Nature as your backdrop inserts you into the art of the earth, taking up space, reflecting the beauty around you, in compliment or juxtaposition.

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