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Burlesque is Subversive

Burlesque comes in many flavours. The word evokes thoughts of Moulin Rouge cabaret and Classic Burlesque performers from the mid-century. However, most burlesque now can be categorized as Neo-Burlesque.

This contemporary revival is a reinterpretation of the traditional aforementioned ideas into something new and empowering, leaning on elements from classic striptease, vaudeville, and cabaret mixed with modern dance, artistic expression and an intersectional feminism perspective. It celebrates body diversity, sexuality and body empowerment, making a point of challenging conventional ideas of beauty, gender roles and the male gaze.

Why Choose Us?

While your performers are baring their hearts, being vulnerable on stage, you want to ensure their safety and art is prioritized over objectification.

Their acts, crafted to express humour, satire, theatricality, and deep emotion, tackling personal and political topics, should never be reduced to parts of their body, as many photographers using a male gaze do subconsciously. This kind of post-glitter crash disappointment can put a bad taste in performer’s and producers mouths.

As a woman in this space, MKM Photography brings an alternate view. My identification as an Asexual allows me a unique ability to see past the sex and capture the performer, while maintaining the sensuality. I don’t get lost in the glitter and strive to deliver tasteful imagery your performers will be proud of. The feedback I receive most consistently is how grounding I am to those I interact with, as a safe person, and the elation in images delivered from performances I shoot. MKM Photography adds value to your production on many levels.

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