Jean Grey and Wolverine at the X-Mansion

People who live outside of Victoria may not know that we have a local historical “castle” in nearby Colwood, BC. This gorgeous Scottish baronial style building (a Tudor revival style which was popular in the Edwardian period – my personal favourite period) is a Canadian Historical Site, and baby of architect Samuel Maclure.

It is used extensively by grad and wedding photographers here, but has made it’s impression on the world through 20th Century Fox’s series of X-Men movies as the home to Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning (previously “Xavier’s Academy for Gifted Youngsters”). Hatley Castle is the PERFECT destination then for a man who lives and breathes Wolverine (@CanadaWolverine on instagram). Of course his obvious choice in this adventure is fellow cosplayer @veda_cosplay as Jean Grey. It was the cherry on top of their BC holiday (both are from the Edmonton, Alberta area)!

This shoot came together SO fast. They had not planned for a photographer and reached out last minute on a local cosplay group for recommendations. My name came up and I happened to be off when they wanted. Less than 48 hours between posting and shooting. I’m so grateful to have been available, because these two are people who have been part of my life since, with many life experiences in common.

They said they are planning another trip in the future and I greatly look forward to reconnecting, both with a lens and without.


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