Have you ever been to the Duncan Showroom? I had not and WOW what a wonderfully unique venue. Located in Duncan, British Columbia, it is the home of the Vancouver Island Vixens, and this showroom is so quirky and full of interesting decor that it almost upstages it’s performers. Almost.

The explosion of talent I was invited to capture are known as the Vancouver Island Vixens. By their own accounts they “…are a classic-inspired burlesque troupe from Vancouver Island. They bring the glamour and grind into the 21st Century!” and boy howdy do they ever.

Currently comprised of 6 performers (Victoria Rein, Busty Pipes, Sophie Luscious, Cherry Cheeks and Misty Moss) this troupe has an occasionally rotating cast and frequently adds other local performers to round out their shows. This performance included Blue Onyx as stage kitten and Piper Heart as a guest performer.

This was my first forray into full show burlesque photography and I think I have found something special.