Ms D and I have worked together in the past. In January she approached me for a vintage style pinup boudoir photoshoot! Of course I said yes please! Something from when shoulders and ankles were risque, and knees were just not tolerated. Rockabilly style with old fashioned sensibilities. What fun!

I returned to my preferred boutique hotel, The Beacon Inn in Sidney. Ms D was impressed about the same things I love about this location. Sumptuous rooms, charming details, welcoming lobby. What’s not to like?

She travelled quite a ways to come shoot with me and she came prepared! So many clothing change options and accessories. I loved working with her! I didn’t even have to pull out my boudoir props.

Managing to fit 4 costume changes into just under 2 hours was a fun challenge! I love all the looks she brought. Each style touched on a different personality or time frame.

She’s got some exciting things coming up soon, and though I can’t mention them here for privacy’s sake, I wish her all the luck! She won’t need it of course, but it’s nice to have anyway.